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Chimney Repairs

A wide range of chimney services including pointing, relining, inspections, pot replacement and chimney re-builds can be done by Roof Tec Roofing.

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Soffits and Fascias

At Roof Tec Roofing we have a wide range of choices for your Soffits and fascias.
Whether you need to replace a fascia or soffit due to the wear and tear of the

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Flat Roofing

When you work with us we guarantee you a reliable, quick and quality service.
A flat roof is a roof which is almost level in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs.

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Here at Rooftec Roofing we are experts in all Roofing jobs.
Your roof line ays a major part and gutters that are backing over with water

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Lead Flashing

Rooftec Roofing are professionally approved and acredited commercial and industrial contractors with years of trusted experience within the industry.

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Roof Repairs

Get your roof ready for next winter as weather can be the most harmful to your property.
Our experts at Rooftec Roofing can help

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Moss Removal

Moss and algae tend to grow in damp, shaded area’s and can cause damage to your roof both directly and indirectly.
If you allow large patches of moss to grow

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Grp Roofing

Grp Roofing is one of the strongest roofs to have, it protects your home/ property against all types of weather.
Its very popular for its simplicity

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